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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Vonage Basictalk fee increase from $9.99 to $12.99

During 2012, Vonage introduced the lowest calling at $9.99 plus taxes for calling US, Canada and Puerto Rico unlimited. This calling plan was named BasicTalk plan. Later, this plan was no more offered as they introduced the calling plan US and Canada 400 minutes plan - $12.99 plus taxes. Later, Vonage also introduced BasicTalk service as a different brand under the Vonage control.

Now, customers were sent out an email stating that those Vonage customers in BasicTalk plan will be migrated to $12.99 plus taxes with a different calling plan name. In the past two years, this is the third time Vonage is increasing its calling plan fee. However, unlimited calling to US, Canada and Puerto Rico at $12.99 plus taxes is still reasonable.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

How can I reactivate my account from Vonage Account On Hold Plan to regular calling plan?

Vonage Account On Hold Plan is not actually suspending your calling plan. It is valuable for six months by default. Once the six months is complete, the calling plan will be migrated to Vonage World plan - $26.99 plus taxes automatically. If you prefer to reactivate or change Vonage calling plan, you can change it by the following methods:

1. Activate account from Vonage Online Account by changing calling plan.

Login to our Vonage online account and follow the steps given below to change your calling plan. Once the calling plan is changed, the calling plan will be activated immediately. After receiving the confirmation for the new calling plan, you can place calls. If not you may incur charges.

Follow the steps below to change the calling plan from your online account:

  • Log on to your Online Account with the username or 10 digit Vonage phone number and password.
  • Click on the "Summary" tab and select "Change Plan" option.
  • Choose the preferred calling plan and click "Next".
If you have more than one calling plan, you must select the phone number of the calling plan that you want to change before your calling plan options are displayed.

  • Now, review your order summary and click "Next".
  • Review the Terms of Service and mark I Agree to the Vonage Terms of Service.
  • Click Place Order. A confirmation is sent to your email address outlining your order.
  • Click Done.

2. Contact Email Support by sending an email from Vonage Contact Us page.

Vonage email support is the best and second effective option to get resolution for sure. You can an email to Vonage support from the Contact Us page of Vonage support page. Select the appropriate category and describe your request to reactivate the account from Account On Hold plan. You will receive a confirmation email once the charges are made.

3. Contact them by online chat support.

The third most most effective option is to chat with Vonage executive. The chat support time is limited and the issue will be resolved at the earliest. The direct link to chat is: https://support.vonage.com/app/chat/chat_launch_lb/

Hours of operation: Monday - Sunday: 09:00 AM - 10:30 PM EST

4. Contact Vonage Customer Care by dialing their Toll Free number.

You can contact Vonage by calling their  Customer Care Toll Free number. Vonage Customer Care Toll Free number is 1-866-243-4357.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Why I am being charged while my Vonage Account is Suspended or Account On Hold plan - $0.00.

As a customer, we really think why Vonage must charge us for the service that is temporarily suspended? However, as a business, Vonage do has some government regulations to which the need to abide to it.  

Charged while Vonage acccount was on Account on Hold Plan
Charged while Vonage acccount was on Account on Hold Plan
Temporarily suspending your account not actually suspending your account. They have designed a calling plan that will be charged $0.00 plus taxes a month. You have actually changed the calling plan and not suspended your account. The calling plan for fee for Account On Hold plan is $0.00. Even though you are not using the service, the line remains active with your name. It means you still own the number.

Hence, Vonage is obligated to pay the applicable taxes and fees to the government. Vonage can not dispute with the government stating the particular number was on hold. Hence, the applicable taxes and fees will be charged.

Vonage Hold Plan $0.00! plus taxes. Suepned your service temporarily while you are not using the service

The most awaited and highly requested feature by Vonage customer's will go live from July 22,2010. Vonage is trying to enhance its features and offers. Previously the option to temporary suspension of the account, or putting account on hold was impossible.

Now! Vonage is launching its Vonage hold plan for $0.00 from July 22, 2010. This Vonage hold plan will help you to save money when you move away from far away location like Military Deployment where you may not be able to use the service for a short time and wishes to continue with the services.

Conditions and details of Vonage Account On Hold plan.

  1. Your Service Agreement period must be completed.
  2. Vonage Hold plan is not applicable for the customers who has any promotional or step up plans while placing the request.
  3. In Vonage Hold Plan you will get free unlimited Visual Voicemail.
  4. All calls are chargeable at $.50 per minute.
  5. Vonage Hold plan is for six months and you can change to your previous calling plan at any time by logging onto your online account.
  6. If your calling plan is not changed even after to intimation to change your calling plan, the new calling will be upgraded to Vonage World(SM) plan $25.99 by default.
  7. There is no downgrading charges for changing your calling plan to Vonage Hold Plan.
  8. Normal taxes and fees are applicable upto $6 per month. 
  9. You can avail this plan only once per year.

Start enjoying the new plan and Vonage is working on the few other features like Specific call block, Deleting Call log details, Home alarm support, Vonage with TV, and many more to be introduced as soon as possible. However, the time frame may not be concluded.

You need to call Voange Customer Care at 1-866-243-4357 (toll free) or send them an email to have your account to Vonage Account On Hold plan.

The international charges for calling mobile numbers are reduced with Vonage

New per minute cell phone rates for Vonage World have been negotiated for Argentina, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Peru, Venezuela, and the Philippines.

Country        Before July 07, 2k       Current Rate      IDT      Startec     Skype or  

Argentina        .17/minute                     .06/minute        .19         .18               .16

Colombia        .12/minute                    .05/minute         .16         .09               .09

Dominican      .18/minute                     .08/minute         .19         .15              .14
Mexico           .23/minute                   .10/minute          .16          .14             .15

Peru               .28/minute                    .12/minute          .29           .26            .24

Venezuela      .19/minute                     .09/minute         .19           .14             .16
Philippines     .13/minute*                   .09/minute          ---           .17            .17

*The land line rate for the Philippines has also decreased.

*Philippines land line was previously .13/minute as well and the new landline rate is .09/minute.


Refer A Friend is a program offered by Vonage. You can refer your friends or relatives and earn 1 month of free service. If you have referred some one through word of mouth, you can also get the credit by placing a request from the Vonage website. Just include their phone number or any account information along with your email, your credit will be issued with in 4 hours.

How to use Refer A friend?

You can refer your friends in the following ways: 

Request your friends to visit the refer a friend page from the Vonage website. Just request them to enter your Vonage phone number and proceed with the sign up process. The credit will be processed automatically.

Refer your friends to Vonage by sending them an email invitation:

1. Log on to your Online Account using your user name or 10 digit Vonage phone number.

2. Goto the Refer A Friend page.

3.  Enter your friends email address.

4. Your friend will receive special email Invitation. Up on his sign up, you will receive 1 month of free service.

Refer your friends to Vonage from your Social Networking Page or Site

Just add a Vonage Refer-A-Friend banner onto your website, social networking site or blog. When your friends click on the banner and sign up, you'll automatically start earning rewards.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

How to make international phone calls from US using Vonage?

You can place international calls from US using Vonage. Let us take we need to call to Germany from US with Vonage. You need to follow some specific steps to make the call. any mistake in the international dialing format will not complete the call.

You may follow the steps given below to place international call (Germany) from US using Vonage:

  1. Dial 011 - United States exit code
  2. Germany country code 49 must be dialed next
  3. Dial the city code and the number.
Overall dialing format: 011 + 49 + City Code + Number

For example, if you are placing calls to the city Achim in Germany, the dialing format is as follows:

011 - 49 - 241 - Local Number

You may use the link of countrycallingcodes webiste  to check the dialing format for any country

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Wow! Vonage Chat Support launched for tech and customer support from January 08, 2013

Today, I visited Vonage website to send an email as I had no dial tone. I was surprised to see an icon for Vonage Chat Support.  With lots of eager and curiosity, I entered into chat and I was connected to Nancy. She was very helpful and the no dial tone issue was handled within 5 minutes.

Vonage Chat Support
Vonage Chat Support
Later, I inquired and came to know that Vonage has launched chat support for the technical and billing issues. It is really a milestone. They already have email support in which I will receive a response within 2 to 3 hours. To my surprise, the issue will be handled promptly and resolved without any hectic issues.

I am proud that I took a right choice for my home phone where the company really cares about the customers. Kudos Vonage, you have understood that customers are pillars to business and growth.

The direct link to chat is: https://support.vonage.com/app/chat/chat_launch_lb/

Hours of operation: Monday - Sunday: 09:00 AM - 10:30 PM EST

Friday, March 21, 2014

How can I check the international rates for Vonage

You can check the international rates to for your calling plan by using their international rate finder tool. Click Here to open Vonage  international rate finder tool. It is always suggested to check the international rates before dialing any new international numbers. It will help you in saving lots of money from being over charged.

How can I cancel automatic payment with Vonage?

First, let us understand how Vonage billing works. It is very simple, the billing date for your account will start from the day in which you place your order and the payment for your order is processed successfully. Currently, Vonage does not support the option to cancel automatic payment option.

Hence, the ability to fix or change your billing date is not in your hands. Now, Vonage has come up with the option to change your billing date to any date from 1st to 28th of any month.

Here are few steps where you can by pass automatic payment and pay your bill as per your comfortable date.

You can edit your payment information from Vonage online account. Please note that Vonage does not have the ability to alter your payment details unless it confirms the information verbally. Thus, you can update your payment information with an expired credit or debit card that leads to failed payment.

Once the payment is failed, your account will go to "Grace" status. In Grace status you will be able to place only long distance and international calls. From this Grace status you have 53 days to reprocess the payment

Currently Vonage uses automatic payment method. It accepts electronic payment, credit or debit card with U.S based billing address.

Hence, you can reprocess the payment with in this 53 days by an one time payment with other active credit or debit card. Thus your account will become active.

How to change calling plan in Vonage Canada online account?

You can change the calling plan from Vonage Canada Online Account by following the steps given below or by contacting Vonage Customer care by dialing the Customer Care number Toll-Free at 1-877-272-0528 or by sending them an email request from Vonage Canada website "Contact Us" page.

The steps to change calling plan from Vonage Canada online account is as follows:

1. Login to your Online Account by visiting http://www.vonage.ca
2. Select the Billing tab.
3. On the right side of page, under Billing Features, click on Change Your Calling Plan.
4. Choose a plan and then click Select Plan and Continue.
5. Agree to the Terms of Service and click Order Now.

To view the instruction calling plan change from Vonage Canada official website, visit the link:


Note: You may be charged a one time activation fee of $12.99 plus taxes for lowering calling plan.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Vonage Specific Call Block feature

I recently contacted Vonage regarding the feature to block specific calls. The overall answer was the feature is not available. The fact which I love the most is, I received a human response. They helped me with the alternative options. They did not leave me with saying only no.

The alternative options suggested are as follows:

Anonymous Call Block stops incoming calls from:  Anonymous, Private, Private Number, Private Name, Number Private, Caller Private, Restricted and Withheld.

To turn on: Dial *77 and Press 1 when prompted to turn on.
To turn off: Dial *87 Press 1 when prompted to turn off.

For more information on Anonymous call block feature, visit:

2. Install Phone Tray Free:

We can download a free package called Phone tray. We will need a 'voice capable' modem with caller ID in order to use it, but it can pick up caller ID and respond with any of a series of messages including a standard 'number disconnected' message. You can configure this both by schedule, and number/ID. It was great to get rid of some junk fax calls I was getting. It runs on a computer so needs to be constantly on.

For details visit: http://www.phonetray.com/order

3. Buy Panasonic KX-TG6532B phone:

We can buy a device that blocks specific numbers like the Panasonic KX-TG6532B. It blocks up to 30 unwanted harassing numbers.

4. Do Not Call registration:

We shall register our self in the do t call registry. Additionally, if you have been called multiple times by this same number, you can refer it to the police, as it is definitely harassment.

Use Do Not Disturb to temporarily stop all incoming calls from ringing your phone. While Do Not Disturb is turned on, all incoming calls go to Voicemail, if voicemail is turned on. If voicemail is not turned on, callers will hear a message that states you are not accepting calls. You can continue to place outgoing calls when Do Not Disturb is turned on.

To turn on: Dial *78 and enter 1 when prompted to turn on Do Not Disturb.
To turn off: Dial *79 and Enter 1 when prompted to turn off Do Not Disturb.

For more information on Do Not Disturb feature, visit:

Vonage Specific Call block work around using your android or iPhone.

Vonage does not have official feature to block a call from a specific number. However, we are receiving several request to figure out a way to block a specific calls. Hence, after a long research, I have personally figured out an work around that will help you to block specific calls. Please remember that the work around may looking like a long process. However, one set up you can enjoy a peaceful phone service.

Calls to Vietnam will not be free from April 4, 2013 in Vonage World plan

I received an email notification from Vonage that effective April 4, 2013, calls to landlines and mobile phones in Vietnam will be billed at 6.5 cents per minute. It is because the local carriers in Vietnam continue to raise their prices for completing calls to Vietnam. When I spoke to the customer service agent, he mentioned Vonage has no plans at this time to offer a new calling plan with unlimited calls to Vietnam. He also mentioned that Vonage anticipates that all providers will be raising their rates to Vietnam.

In the recent past, Pakistan was removed in the similar way. However, the rates were dropped and not made free. Now, it is Vietnam in the picture. I am not sure it is the reality or one of the trick by Vonage to offer unlimited plan and to remove each country every couple of months?

Click Here to read about the Pakistan Rate increase details.

Vonage World Calling Plan - $9.99 (Highly Recommended)

Vonage world plan is the icon of all the plans offered by Vonage. It includes free calling to 60 plus countries. Out of 60 destinations, around 15 countries includes free calling to mobile numbers. This plan is currently offered at the promotional rate of $9.99 per month plus taxes for first three months and $25.99 plus taxes.

The details of the Vonage World plan are as follows:

- Unlimited local and long distance home phone service across the U.S. and Puerto Rico and to more than 60 countries around the world.

- Unlimited readable voicemail transcriptions sent via text and email with Vonage Visual Voicemail.

- SimulRing - choose up to five numbers anywhere in the U.S., Puerto Rico & Canada to also ring when someone calls your Vonage number.

- Unlimited incoming phone calls and Vonage-to-Vonage calls.

- Voicemail, Caller ID, Call Waiting, Anonymous Call Block3-Way-Calling and tons of other standard features.

Vonage (Vocalocity) Small Business Basic 1500 minutes plan - $39.99

Please note that Vonage Business Solution is completely migrated to Vocalocity. Hence, information provided below may be for reference only for existing customers.

Small Business Basic 1500 minutes plan - $39.99 includes the following:

  • 1500 minutes of outbound local and long distance business phone service to anywhere in the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico.
  • 3.9¢ for each additional minute.
  • Unlimited incoming and Vonage-to-Vonage calls.
  • FREE dedicated fax line.
  • Convenience. With SimulRing you can choose up to five other numbers anywhere in the U.S., Puerto Rico and Canada to ring immediately when someone calls your Vonage number.
  • Voicemail, Caller ID, Call Waiting, Anonymous Call Block, 3-Way-Calling and tons of other standard features.

Vonage World Plus Calling Plan offers free calling to Pakistan.

Vonage World Plus calling plan provides unlimited calling to the U.S., Puerto Rico, Canada, and more than 60 other countries and territories. This plan also includes 250 minutes of calls per month to 44 additional locations. Minutes over 250 to these locations are charged per minute overage rates.

Do Not Disturb

Do Not Disturb feature will temporarily block all incoming calls. When this feature is activated, all your incoming calls will be sent to your Voicemail box. If you have disabled Voicemail, all incoming calls will be sent to a system message indicating that you are not accepting calls at this time.

To enable Do Not Disturb from your Vonage phone, dial *78 from your Vonage Phone. To disable, Dial *79 from your Vonage Phone.

To enable or disable Do Not Disturb in your Online Account, please follow the steps given below:

1. Log in to your Vonage online account using your username/phone number and password.

2. Click on Features and scroll to the "Do Not Disturb" section.

3. Select the number you want Do Not Disturb to apply to and click on "Configure".

4. Click the white circle to the right of On or Off and click on "Submit".

How to block incoming calls on vonage?

I was going through few articles in Internet and found that the question on topics like How to block incoming calls or How to block incoming calls on Vonage was requested by many people. To be very clear, there is no specific or direct option to block a phone number on Vonage service.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Why do my calls go directly to Vonage Voicemail?

In general, the calls will directly to Voice mail in the following scenarios:

- Your Vonage adapter has no power. In this scenario, confirm that your Vonage adapter is plugged in and has power.
- You have lost your Internet connection. All calls are forwarded to Voicemail when there is no Internet connection. Confirm that you have Internet service.
- Voice mail is enabled and number of seconds is set to Instant. However, your calls are set to forward after 20 seconds. Hence, this is not the issue.

If the above reason are not responsible for the occurrence of the issue,  please follow the steps given below:

- Unplug power cable from Vonage device.
- Wait three minutes.
- Plug power cable back into Vonage device and wait for device to reboot.
- This process automatically downloads a corrective patch to your Vonage device which will correct the issue.

If the issue still persists, I suggest you to disable and enable the Voice mail feature from your online account. This will ensure that your phone adapter communicates with Vonage server and the updated profile is installed on your adapter.

Click Here to know the steps to disable and enable Voice mail from your online account.
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