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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Vonage Specific Call block work around using your android or iPhone.

Vonage does not have official feature to block a call from a specific number. However, we are receiving several request to figure out a way to block a specific calls. Hence, after a long research, I have personally figured out an work around that will help you to block specific calls. Please remember that the work around may looking like a long process. However, one set up you can enjoy a peaceful phone service.

In order to have this work around, you must have the following:

- Calling plan must be Vonage World or US and Canada Unlimited. (This will avoid overage charges as the calls to US, Canada and Puerto Rico will be free)
- You must have Android or iPhone.
- Enable instant call forwarding with Vonage to your Android or iPhone.
- Install an application that can block calls.

Here is how the workaround works:

- Login to your online account and enable instant call forwarding to your mobile number.

- From your Android or iPhone, open Android play store or iStore and download any application that can block calls. Eg: 360 Mobile Security. If you have call block option in mobile settings, you can also configure the same.

- Now you are all set to receive calls from only the numbers you prefer.

This will help you in receiving the calls to your mobile number. As the application installed will block the call, the call from a particular number will not be connected. If you prefer to place calls, you can register the same mobile number as Extensions Number and place calls from your mobile phone.

To learn more about using your mobile number as an Extensions Click Here


  1. i tried this using google voice but 50% of the time they call my vonage number and my Google Voice number doesn't ring so I can't block them. Is the Vonage simulring feature reliable?

  2. I get harassing phone calls from certain numbers. I am only allowed to block all calls. Why?


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